Merry Christmas Becky

Don’t Open until December 24th

I thought long and hard for something meaningful for Christmas for you.  I ordered it back before Thanksgiving believing that was plenty of time for it to arrive, but I guess it’s ssooo special, that it takes Santa an extra long time to get it ready.  So, although I can’t give you a present to unwrap and you won’t have it to show off in at Christmas, I’ve been assured it will arrive “soon”.

Now, I know how much you like Lil’ Peep and how much you miss him.  I love his lyrics and how they speak to folks.  So I searched for something that could speak to you for Christmas.

Check out this website and letter from folks at the official Lil’ Peep website:

Letter from the Estate of Gustav Elijah Ahr

And here’s a picture of just the jacket:

The way I see it, it has you written all over it.  There are only 50 of these made.  They are sold out now but you will be the proud recipient of one of them.

Here’s the order:

Order Status

“People understand my message is positive, and at the end of the day, I’m just here to make music that I enjoy and that other people enjoy.”

Lil’ Peep

Love Dad, and Stacy