Merry Christmas Katrina

PS.  And Happy Birthday

Don’t Open until December 24th

Merry Christmas (and Happy Birthday)

Although you’ll be getting a bunch of gifts from us both up in Mass, and a few to be delivered to Baton Rouge, I always want to get you something special.  It used to be that a snow globe with a reindeer would be special, and I suppose it is, yet there is still my wish for you to have everything you’ve always wanted.  And that is my wish.  

Next to that, everything pales.  That doesn’t mean I still don’t want to try, so I will.  But it’s really a gift for both you and Tim as a part of Christmas and birthday.  Lucky you.

One thing I do know is one of your favorite things to do is to go to a brew pub with Tim.  So, whatever we get you should have something to do with a brewhouse.  And yes, this does.  It just so happens this place is unique and has over 30 beers and is located in the Margaritaville resort and Casino near Shreveport, Louisiana!

Some Friday and Saturday (up to you), you’ll get to spend in the Margaritaville resort/casino.  Maybe win some, hopefully not loose some, eat some, drink some, enjoy some.

You might just have to listen to some Jimmy Buffet.  That might be a challenge, but it just means you haven’t had enough Margaritas.   It’s about 3.5 hours away from Baton Rouge, so you’ll even get a chance to see some cajun country while you’re at it.

We hope you and Tim will have the best weekend ‘evah’,  and will remember us little folk after you win at all the tables and slots.

Love Dad, and Stacy