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Rockstar Collection

OCT 30, 2020

Happy Birthday Gus.

We would've loved to hold a pop-up shop like we did last year, but that's just not an option right now, unfortunately.

So we will celebrate with the Rockstar Collection, which we developed in collaboration with Firme Atelier, a design house based in Los Angeles.

A set of faux leather garments: awork jacket, flared pants, and a crossbody bag will be available in 3 colorways on

The jacket will cost $300, the pants will cost $200, and the bags will cost $150. They will release at 11 AM EST and only 50 of each item will be available in each colorway.

The faux leather was custom developed in Japan, our intention was to have it resemble a midweight lambskin. It is a water-resistant fabric, perfect for wearing in most weather conditions.

The hardware is all silver-tone. The zipper tape and neck-buttons were dyed to match the Gus Green and Peep Pink colorways, and the zipper pulls were custom developed with a 'Lil Peep' script logo engraving. The cuban chain strap was custom developed for the bag.

The jacket has four pockets on the outside, and two on the inside. The pants have two front pockets and two welt pockets at the back, along with zippers at the bottom of the legs to accentuate the flare. The bag is one large pocket andalso includes a handwarmer pocket.

The custom hardware is the onlyvisible branding on this collection, other than the estate tags on the inside of the garments proving their authenticity.

The goal of the Rockstar Collectionis as follows:based on the many looks that Peep rocked, and the first ever colors that Gus dyed his hair at the age of 11 (half pinkish-purple/half green), we want to give fans an opportunity to dress themselves in his style and confidence, to look like 'rockstars' themselves.

Here are some photos of my friends and I wearing the clothing: