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NAS File Sharing Solutions for Android and OEMs

File Sharing with a Purpose

Connected Way has been developing our SMB File Sharing solution for over 15 years.  It has become one of the best and most widely deployed multi-platform solution available.  Its features are unmatched.  Available on most platforms.  Secure.  Our licensing is designed for the mature OEM market and successfully competes with Open Source.

File Sharing for the Mass Market

ConnectedNAS has been the engine for network aware Android apps for years.  We now have the most powerful SMB based network file sharing solution available for Android.    It is designed both for end users & enterprise markets.  For the enterprises, it is designed with Active Directory support and enhanced security, yet it is user friendly and provides the missing link for the home consumer.

Spirit Cloud for Android

Turn your phone into a private mobile cloud

  • Deploy terabytes  of storage on your local network from your Android phone or tablet.
  • Safely share file with family and friends on your loal Wifi network.

Allow applications on your phone to utilize the storage on other devices and PCs on your network

ConnectedNAS for OEMs

  • Integrate Controls into Networked Workflow
  • Support Sharing among many different devices
  • Protect Investment with Latest Protocols
  • Secure devices with Enhanced Privacy Protections
  • Scan Directly to User’s Directories
  • Print Files Remotely from User’s Directories
  • Single Sign-on at Printer UI
  • Integrate Networked Storage into Device
  • Browse Network from UI
  • Superior OEM Licensing Terms 
  • Unparalleled ROI
  • Support for all leading RTOSes 
  • Flexible Customizations
  • Integrated with all Desktops
    and Servers


Authentication Mechanisms for ConnectedNAS SMB Client

Role of SMB in Embedded Systems

Considerations for Choosing an SMB Stack for Embedded Devices

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